Program Manager - Supply Chain Labor Management


Manager of Dick's Sporting Goods Supply Chain Labor Management program and application. Provide strategic direction for optimal use of Manhattan's Labor Management system within distribution and fulfillment operations. Pursue continuous improvement opportunities within our internal labor program named PAR (Performance Attains Results). Drive program design and end user operational experience improvements. Provide strategic direction to future Labor Management upgrades and capabilities to be deployed within Supply Chain.
Job Duties & Responsibilities
Program management of Supply Chain's Labor Management (LMS) application and program. Provide strategic direction to future Labor Management upgrades and capabilities to be leveraged. Develop long-term roadmap and execute long-term strategy for LMS application's use as new distribution and fulfillment operations are deployed. Pursue administrative streamlining opportunities within the program to simply execution within operations. Leverage integrations of applications to tie new data elements within the program.
Manage and report operational performance related to labor program expectations (e. g., costs vs. budget targets, status of ROIs for new capabilities, etc.). Create network KPIs, metrics, reporting, and presentations to provide insight and direction to Labor Management capabilities and future Supply Chain usage.
Partner with facility IEs on the development and refinement of engineering labor standards for all DC operational processes. Provide direction and assist on necessary changes to LM activities and RF options to assign standards. Ensure standards are being evaluated and updated as needed. Update engineering labor standards and create new standards derived from continuous improvement exercises within the facilities.
Support facility IEs to find and access areas for opportunities for EP%, OS%, Gap Time (validation, recalibration). Provide insights to operations on how to get more areas on-standard. Support PAR meetings and provide ideas and suggestions for meeting content and flow.
Explore performance incentives / incentive plans to drive appropriate teammate actions, program benefits, and operational results. Develop roadmap to incentive based pay related to specific job processes.


Education Requirement
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Experience Requirement
7 - 10 Years
Experience in Engineered Labor Standards, LEAN Principles & Continuous Improvement, Engineered Facility Design, AutoCAD
Technological Requirements
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
Warehouse Management Applications (Manhattan Associates preferred)
Transportation Management Solutions (Manhattan Associates preferred)
Microsoft Office Additional - Project, SharePoint
Supply Chain Business Intelligence & Reporting
Manhattan Associates Labor Management
LEAN / Six Sigma
Labor Management Applications
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Management of network program across Distribution and Fulfillment centers
Conflict Resolution / Management
Troubleshoot data discrepancies across multiple systems (Labor, Warehouse Management, LEAN)
Project Management - Program changes, updates, process improvements
KPI development and reporting to drive program
Ability to Travel

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